Rex's Newborn Session

Rex is one lucky little man! To have the parents, the big sis, and the big bro that he has...would make any childhood dreams come true. This family is really one amazingly stellar family. And wow, am I loving these newborn sessions! To get to hang out in such an intimate space in a family's postpartum world is such a special experience. It's candid. It's full of birth stories. It's simply just tending to baby's needs. It's sometimes the stress of lack of sleep. It always reminds me how fast time has flown since my own were born. And, I am forever grateful to the families that let me in for all of that. It's not always an easy time, and boy are the parents and baby exhausted afterwards. But wow, is it so very worth it. Wouldn't you say?! 

Looking good, Rex! I have not doubt you will move mountains...just like your sister and brother.  

Mei-Ling Jenks