Rebecca + Sergio Family


I still remember the day I met Rebecca at South Shore Center. She had her son, Tiago, with her and I had my daughter with me. The kids were playing around the frog fountain that all the kids like to run around. And although I can't remember what sparked a conversation between the two of us, I do remember we hit it off quickly. We realized we had a mutual friend in town (it IS Alameda after all), and then decided what we both needed was more of each other. I needed more yoga in my life and Rebecca needed some photography! And can I just say, you guys, Rebecca is a load of fun! 

Fast forward to about 7 years later and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Rebecca, her husband, Sergio, her son Tiago, and her lovely little lady, Lola Jai. And through this relationship, I have also gotten to really know yoga for the first time, Rebecca as one heck of an amazing teacher, and both Rebecca (Yoga Alameda) and Sergio (Silva BJJ) as two stellar business leaders with hearts of gold. They have been inspirational to me and my business here in Alameda, and I know I my business wouldn't be the same without this family. 

Rebecca, Sergio, Tiago, and Lola... I love you guys!

Mei-Ling Jenks