Andrea + Brad

So many mixed emotions while I write this. These are two very good clients and friends of mine, that have poured their hearts and finances into preparing for adoption. There is not another couple who is more deserving and capable of being parents than these two amazing souls. And after over a year of preparations and payments to an adoption agency, Independent Adoption Center, that adoption agency has gone bankrupt. They were JUST about to be added to the mix of families that birthing mothers would choose from. But instead of being chosen to bring home a new little bundle of love, they are now out $15k that they had paid to IAC. They are doing what they can to figure out their next step and how they could possibly pick up the pieces and maybe start over again. Find out a little more of there story here, and maybe even help out a little if you can. 

Here are a few shots from the super fun portrait session we did for images to be used for their adoption website and to be shared with birthing mothers to see what beautiful people they are, both inside and out.

Andrea + Brad, I love you guys. 

Mei-Ling Jenks